Imagine if your company was upgraded to Industry 4.0 
According to the company’s real needs .. and on your terms.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution – Digital Transformation

A process that pragmatically analyzes and modifies current business to Industry Level 4.0. In clear and cost-effective easy-to-implement steps. Where all steps are controlled by you!

I4PLUS provides that Vision

Carried out by best-in-class consultants
I4PLUS KlixPro -better consulting and it service management

KlixPro can upgrade your Company to Industry 4.0 based on the company’s real needs and terms

A process where you are in control and you are provide with a clear decision making basis foundation from KlixPro during all steps of the way towards the goal.

Done by best-in-class consultants @ a competitive price

Step 1 – Analysis

Information gathering: Investigation of the business and technical landscape; Interviews of key business and technical stakeholders.

High level assessment and recommendation covering IT service management, IT Infrastructure and services, transition path and operation.

Step 2 – Research

Deep Dive analysis of the business and technical landscape, followed by a detailed design, where we present a viable digital transformation that exploits the capabilities of a On-premise, Hybrid or Cloud architecture.

Further, we highlight the pros and cons of the use of IaaS, PaaS and SaaS regarding your business plan. The extensive industry experience we possess empowers us to incorporate your existing business processes in your digital transformation ensuring optimal results.

Step 3 – Initialization

Project initialisation outlining the business plan, scope and time schedule. Providing deep insight into the individual task and planning in an agile and structuret format. 

In addition an easy to comprehend decision making basis report and presentation for management with clearly defined pros and cons of the individual tasks and the related cost implications.

Step 4 – Procurement

Depending on legal requirements for procurement or the potential cost benefit from running a tender KlixPro can undertake i cooperation with you.

Even the legal aspects is an area where KlixPro consultancy base can assist to advice on how to run the procurement, and creation of contract documents can be conducted by KlixPro.

The tender and procurement of hardware, software and applications are carried out using the tremendous knowledge, experience and excellent supplier management KlixPro possess.

Step 5 – Transition

The right skillset and consultancy staffing are swiftly put in place governed by KlixPro, at the same time making sure that all plans and financial aspect are abided to.

Depending on project scope KlixPro will undertake the full responsibility and workload with regards to e.g., development, installation, configuration, migration & transition, training & education, handover & operation procedures and in the end decommissioning of legacy systems.

Or in cooperation with your own staff, the important note is flexibility so KlixPro matches your needs and requirements without adding additional overhead.

At all times you are informed about the process and can request changes to the plan at each defined milestone or even pull the plug on parts or the entire project.

Step 6 – Operation

Together with you as client we pick the best parts from the ITIL Service Operation model and customizes that to your needs:

  • Event Management to make sure CIs and services are constantly monitored, and to filter and categorize events in order to decide on appropriate actions.
  • Incident Management to manage the lifecycle of all Incidents.
  • Request Fulfilment to fulfill Service Requests, which in most cases are minor (standard) changes.
  • Access Management to grant authorized users the right to use a service, while preventing access to non-authorized users.
  • Problem Management to manage the lifecycle of all problems.
  • IT Operations Control to monitor and control the IT services and their underlying infrastructure. Facilities Management to manage the physical environment.
  • Application Management to manage applications throughout their lifecycle.
  • Technical Management provides technical expertise and support for the management of the IT infrastructure.