The best Consultancy service provided by highly experienced Freelance Consultants

The agile foundation KlixPro is based on makes it possible to scale up or down on individual projects or tasks depending on the demand from you as a clients. Providing a unique global workforce for you.

Klixpro consultants
best-in-class consultants

KlixPro builds on a network of IT freelance consultants in Denmark and across the globe, having high trust in each other. In sum delivering excellent and cost efficient results.


New consultants are always by word of mouth to secure highly skilled consultants and a fruitful work environment. 

agile foundation

This agile network of IT consultants makes it possible within few days to provide the best match for your specific project or task – we call it best in class Global-Shoring.


To secure that you as a client only have one single point of contact, KlixPro always provides the governance structure for the consultancy service, thereby being your single point of contact.

Klixpro consultants

A snapshot of our capabilities

But, there is almost no limit to what we can provide in the IT domain. Supporting small and medium-sized companies to large corporations.

Project Management

KlixPro’s base of experienced and certified Project and Program managers, Release Train Engineer, Scrum masters and Product owners well groundeded in SAFe, has all a pragmatic approach on getting the job done. There is no limit to the project size these consultans can handle and that goes from initiation to execution or if you need a consultant to bring your current project back on track.

Welcome @ KLIXPRO A Continuous Journey Towards Better Consulting And IT Service Management KlixPro an innovative IT company

Enterprise Architects

The glue that makes the hole. It’s rare to get a good Enterprise architect – they play a special role with a wide spectrum of skills and knowledge, who can design a system from idea to delivered implementation. Stakeholder management and the ability to present compelling business pitches is even more difficult to find in the skill set of Enterprise architects, but Klixpro have access to some of them.

Infrastructure Architects

Highly qualified technical experts who cover all aspects from infrastructure design and installation to operation and support. They will make sure to provide the necessary technical infrastructure for your business. The consultant’s skillset ranges from hosting facilities, Wireless/Wireline, Lan-Wan network, server and storage all in a physical or virtual setting.

Solution Architects

Design and development of applications and support system, always needs the hand of an experienced and competent Solution Architect. Where ther best result is achived with a Solution Architect having a balanced mix of technical and business skills and at the same time being able to cooporate with a trusted Enterprise architect. The main focus is on the technical decisions being made regarding the solution and how that impact the business outcome for you.

SAP Infrastructure Architects

SAP experts are hard to find but KlixPro have access to a handful of the best. The consultants can acts as Entreprise or Solutions Architects in the SAP domain. Or help with implementation, maintenance and migration of SAP solutions to new infrastructures. Provide advice and guidencen in implementing new SAP business processes, data accessibility and business intelligence tools.

IT-Security Experts

KlixPro has access to some of the best IT Security consultants. The increasing ransomware attacks are topics that have the consultants focus and they are ready to assist your business. However, they cover all aspects IT services and infrastructure security that needs to be in place in order to secure you business. Everything from a strategic level to more specific areas of security.

Copy Data Management Experts

KlixPro IT Security Experts has a close colloboration with KlixPro CDM experts, because best in class backup and archive is the last line of defence for you business. The experts are experienced consultants within the Copy Data Management area. Especially deep insight into Cohesity CDM solution from selection to deployment and across to operation to transition from legacy CDM solutions.

CDM Copy Data Management Klixpro -better Consulting and IT Service Management
Welcome @ KLIXPRO A Continuous Journey Towards Better Consulting And IT Service Management KlixPro an innovative IT company

Software Developers

The consultants are at the forefront of new technologies from classical application development to development of containerized microservice. The consultants span from highly specialized developers to architects with a wide insight. All consultants are angered in the agile mindframe of working especially within SAFe. 

Data Scientists & Business Intelligence Experts

Data Scientists and Business Intelligence consultans with the right tool-belt and experience from a wide variety of business from marketing to life science are ready to deliver amazing solutions and results for you. But always in close colloboration with you and your company vision and strategy.