Copy Data Management. Advanced digitised governance and optimisation of backup and archive.

3 rd Generation Copy Data Management

Every third company in Denmark where hit by Cybercrime in 2020. Major enterprises have been hit by severe ransomware attacks costing the companies in the range of 150+ million Euros to recover from these attack.

CDM Copy Data Management Klixpro -better Consulting and IT Service Management

CDM is often an overlooked safety precaution

Yes, Backup are in place or is it … have you tried to recover from a backup … do you have a technical recovery plan in place for your critical systems or even your entire business?

CDM is a cornerstone in an IT infrastructure 

An enterprise based and best practiced configured CDM solution featuring data lock and ransomware protection is one off the corner stones for all business today. Not complying to that will eventually result in severe business critical down time and in a worst-case scenario your business will have to restart from zero.

CDM Copy Data Management
CDM Copy Data Management

CDM is a KlixPro focus area 

KlixPro has a second to none knowledge and experience with CDM solutions and can assists you from the analysis phase across to a tender and procurement process. Followed by implementation and operation of you acquired CDM solution. In addition, experience from being the lead of one of Europe’s biggest CDM transitions from IBM TSM to Cohesity.

Cohesity named a quadrant leader by Gartner 

Cohesity is Gartner peer insights customers’ choice in 2021 – KlixPro is not coloured but our consultancy base are extremely strong regarding Cohesity through the entire lifecycle of Cohesity. As a client the choice is yours and KlixPro can assist you in any way you like.

CDM Copy Data Management

KlixPro offers 360 degree lifecycle management of Cohesity Copy Data Management

The lifecycle management can be substantiated with the I4PLUS service in order to match your company’s requirements. 


Installation of physical and virtual Cohesity nodes. Includes nodes mounting and cabling following best practices data center facility management.  


Configuration of physical and virtual Cohesity nodes. Build of Cohesity cluster and replication cluster for fast and reliable disaster recovery.

go live

Development of process, workflows, documentation and integration into the company’s workflow. Followed by service transition and Go Live. 

operation & Transition

ITSM based operation and support of the Cohesity solution. No service interruption based transition from legacy CDM to the new Cohesity CDM solution.